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  • National Baptist Congress Annual Session Registration

  • Category Individual - $175.00 - 1 Delegate

    This form is for registering an Individual Delegate.  Please close this window and return to the Convention website to select a different form if you are registering a Church, State Convention or District Association.

    Please have your delegate name and first and second choice class selections on hand.  If changes or additions are needed after you submit this form for processing, contact the Congress Registration office (see below).Changes cannot be made online after you submit your form.

    Congress Registration Office Communication

    (Note that we will try to get back to you as soon as possible, but due to high work volumes you should allow up to 48 hours for a response.)

    Preferred contact method is email:

    Mr. Maurice Lauher, Special Assistant, Registration
    P.O. Box 769
    Fort Mill, SC 29716
    Phone/Fax: 803.396.0805 (call before sending a fax)

    (For technical issues with the online registration system,
    contact Dr. Denise Mayhan at

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  • Congress Online & Mobile Learning Questions

    Your answers to the following 3 questions will help us with our planning for Congress online and mobile learning programs
  • Registration Materials Mailing Information

    If you would like your registration material sent to an address other than the church address (e.g., your home), please enter that address below. *Please note that if you are registering within two weeks of the first day of the Congress, you may have to pick up your registration materials in the Registration Hall at the Convention venue.
  • Delegate Name and Class Choices

  • Instructions

    Fill in the delegate name (s) and then select first and second class choices by ENTERING THE CLASS NUMBER (not the name).

    When you have finished entering your delegates and their class numbers, scroll to the bottom of the page to submit this form and enter your payment information.

    Class Availability 

    Click on the link below to look up classes by name or by class number or to view the Closed Classes List.  The Closed Classes list is updated continuously.  Both links will open in a new window on the National Baptist Convention website.

    View Classes List by Name or Number       Closed Classes List

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  • Registration Category and Payment Information

    Individual Registration - $175.00
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    BEFORE YOU CLICK:  Check to be sure that all of your information is correct. When you click the button "Submit Form and Proceed to Payment" you will be redirected to a secure site to enter your credit card payment information.

    Your credit card transaction receipt and detailed registration information will be emailed to you in two separate emails.  You may also print this form BEFORE submitting it for payment by selecting "CTRL+P" on your keyboard or clicking the "Print Form" button.

  • $175.00 - Category Individual (1 Delegate)

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